If the post is subjected to weak lateral forces, the economic aspect is more important.
The use of socketed screws which do not require connectors considerably reduces the price of the foundation system.
Screws FS 76-750 F have a diameter of 76 mm which increases their resistance to lateral forces.
They are positioned with an adapted screw head.
WEASYHEAD 76 (F8) This solution is limited to posts with a cross-section of less than 60 mm.

This solution is well adapted to flexible fences but is also suitable for rigid fences. However, a certain amount of practice is required due to the reduced range of adjustment.


  • Advantage 1: Economic system with very fast installation as only requires three steps.

  • Advantage 2: Compatible with round, square or rectangular posts or any other shape post with cross-sections of less than 60 mm.

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