A single post is always subjected to lateral forces from all directions, either depending on the direction of the wind or depending on the object that it is supporting.
The taller the post, the greater the effect of these forces on the foundations.
If these forces are weak, or the wind load on the post is low, only one screw per post is needed.
However, be careful to take the soil conditions and the height of the post into account when choosing which of the two solutions to use.
A foundation screw of at least 100 cm is required for this type of application.

  • Advantage 1: Easy to install, inexpensive and good stability in hard soils.

  • Advantage 2: Possible to correct the post’s vertical position with a Fix 3D Connect U (B16).

Fastening to wooden section Weak lateral force

This solution is carried out in 4 steps:

1. Making holes in the ground

2. Installing foundation screws

3. Positioning of vertical adjustment system

4. Positioning of post & connector

Step 1: Making holes in the ground

It is essential to first make a hole in the ground as this ensures that the screw will penetrate well into the soil.
Lubrication helps to position the foundation screw.

Step 2: Installing foundation screws

Our portable electric machines, in combination with a laser transmitter and receiver, are used to install the screws in a level position and do not require any specific actions.

Step 3: Positioning of vertical adjustment system

First, put the “Fix3D connect U” in place and adjust its vertical position.
Then, put the “Connect U” in place, adjust the alignment and securely attach the whole thing

Step 4: Positioning of post & connector

Attach the “Connect U” removable plate to the post, then insert the whole thing into the “Connect U” and fasten the post with wood screws and/or bolt through everything.


Repeat the steps for each post.

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Detailed installation

Follow the tutorial below which gives step-by-step instructions on how to install this solution:

Comprehensive tutorial


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