This solution has been developed for cases where the vertical load distribution for each post is too high for a single foundation screw.
Bases 2 and 3 make it possible, in the best of cases, to bear a vertical load distribution of almost 3,000 kg per post.
This solution is straightforward as the foot of the customer’s post is attached directly to the bases 2 or bases 3.

  • Advantage 1: This solution makes it possible to reduce the number of customer posts and does not require special Weasyfix connectors.

  • Advantage 2: Bases 2 and bases 3 enable a wide range of adjustment in all directions which simplifies positioning of the foundation screws.

Construction on metal foot Heavy loads

This solution is carried out in 5 steps:

1. Making holes in the ground

2. Installing foundation screws

3. Installing ground plates

4. Installing the structure on the posts

5. Installation of the construction

Step 1: Making holes in the ground

It is essential to first make a hole in the ground as this ensures that the screw will penetrate well into the soil.
Lubrication helps to position the foundation screw.

Step 2: Installing foundation screws

Our portable electric machines, in combination with a laser transmitter and receiver, are used to install the screws in a level position and do not require any specific actions.

Step 3: Installing ground plates

The ground plates are attached to the foundation screws with FIX BASE 3D (B8) guaranteeing a perfectly horizontal position.

Step 4: Installing the structure on the posts

The wooden posts are screwed to connectors adapted to their shape and to the constraints of the project.
All the post connectors are attached to Bases 3 so that they can be adjusted to exactly the right position with respect to the vertical load distribution.

Step 5: Installation of the construction

The final step of this solution consists of installing the construction on the posts.
The foundation screws are buried in a way that allows ventilation under the wooden post, and as they bear the weight of the entire construction, their dimensions must be calculated taking into account the permanent loads, the service load and the weather conditions.

Comprehensive tutorials

Detailed installation

Follow the tutorial below which gives step-by-step instructions on how to install this solution:

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