A single post is always subjected to lateral forces in all directions, either depending on the direction of the wind or depending on the object that it is supporting.
The taller the post, the greater the effect of these forces on the foundations.

The solution includes a set of three screws joined together by a base 3. The integral elements guarantee the stability of the whole assembly.
This configuration requires suitable Post feet provided by the customer.

  • Advantage 1: Extremely stable and excellent resistance to lateral forces.

  • Advantage 2: Bases 3 are designed to allow electrical connections or other cables to be passed through them.

Customer connector attachment High lateral force

This solution is carried out in 5 steps:

1. Making holes in the ground

2. Installing foundation screws

3. Installing 3 base plates

4. Drilling for attachment

5. Bolting the base

Step 1: Making holes in the ground

It is essential to first make a hole in the ground as this ensures that the screw will penetrate well into the soil.
Lubrication helps to position the foundation screw.

Step 2: Installing foundation screws

The group of three screws is installed with the aid of our portable electric machines which, in combination with a laser transmitter and receiver, are used to install the screws in a level position without requiring any specific actions.

Step 3: Installing 3 base plates

The ground plates are attached to the foundation screws with FIX BASE 3D (B8) guaranteeing a perfectly horizontal position.

Step 4: Drilling for attachment

The foot of the base is installed on the Base 3 and the holes to be drilled are marked out.
The holes are drilled.

Step 5: Bolting the base

The foot of the post is screwed to base 3 and the post is slid into it.

Base 3 can be buried in the ground for a more discrete look.

Final result

The structure is complete!

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Follow the tutorial below which gives step-by-step instructions on how to install this solution:

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