A single post is always subjected to lateral forces in all directions, either depending on the direction of the wind or depending on the object that it is supporting.
The taller the post, the greater the effect of these forces on the foundations.
The solution includes a connector mounted on EPDM gaskets used to absorb lateral shocks on the post.

The post is attached to the foundation screw with the aid of wood screws, the number, length and diameter of which are selected in order to best regulate the lateral resistance.
The low resistance protects the foundations in the event of excessive lateral loads.
This makes the system easy to repair.
Ideal for erecting parking posts for example.

  • Advantage 1: Accepts all wooden post cross-sections, round or square, and facilitates adjustment of a broken post.

  • Advantage 2: Possibility to correct the post’s vertical position by simple compression of EPDM gaskets.

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