Solution in which all the load-bearing components are made of galvanized steel.
It is used to securely attach tiles/slabs with the aid of products specifically designed for the purpose.
It is suitable for all types of tile/slab (natural stone, stoneware, concrete, etc.) and for all types of installation (in a line or offset).
Installation is very quick and adjustments are easy as all the components are bolted together which increases durability and enables the structure to be disassembled again without altering the product.

  • Advantage 1: Ideal for temporary events as the screw-on solution means that assembly and disassembly are not damaged in the process quick, and the components are not damaged in the process.

  • Advantage 2: Exceptional durability.

Mineral slab floor 100% metal structure

This solution is carried out in 6 steps:

1. Making holes in the ground

2. Installation of foundation screws and connectors

3. Installing the bottom structure

4. Installing the top structure

5. Installing slab supports

6. Installing slabs

Step 1: Making holes in the ground

It is essential to first make a hole in the ground as this ensures that the screw will penetrate well into the soil.
Lubrication helps to position the foundation screw.

Step 2: Installation of foundation screws and connectors

Our portable electric machines, in combination with a laser transmitter and receiver, are used to install the screws in a level position and do not require any specific actions.
Precise alignment and levelling are fine-tuned with the aid of connectors.

Step 3: Installing the bottom structure

The galvanized steel structure is installed and bolted to the connectors with the aid of fasteners.

Step 4: Installing the top structure

The galvanized steel top structure is installed cross-wise and bolted to make the structure sufficiently rigid.

Step 5: Installing slab supports

The position and spacing of the supports for the slabs depends on the dimensions and characteristics of the slabs (generally in the four corners).

Step 6: Installing slabs

The slabs are then mounted on the supports, only the slabs at the edges are prevented from moving with a lock pin.

The foundation screws bear the load of the entire construction therefore their dimensions must be calculated taking into account the loads provided by DTU 51.4

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Follow the tutorial below which gives step-by-step instructions on how to install this solution:

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