Specific advantages

Why use Weasyfix screws?

Whether a fishing deck built at the water’s edge or a footbridge spanning across marshland, terraces mounted on Weasyfix foundation screws help us to make the most of nature.

Weasyfix offers tools suitable for aquatic environments, and portable machines for installing footbridges that stretch for miles.
Thanks to the wide range of Weasyfix foundation piles, it is possible to move from sandy ground to hard ground, crossing over marshland on the way.
Your construction can follow the contours of the sloping land or compensate for any differences in level according to your desires or as the landscape dictates.

  • Advantage 1: the Weasyfix range makes it possible to follow the contours of the land, or flatten out its topology without any difficulty.
  • Advantage 2: thanks to our portable pneumatic tools, you can work safely in wetlands or even right in the water.

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