Marsh dock on Weasyfix foundation screws

Creation of a fishing deck without concrete with the aid of Weasyfix foundation screws.

Thanks to its adapted tools, Weasyfix offers solutions that enable Weasyfix foundation piles to be installed in water.
In terms of stability, the results are impressive.
Installing Weasyfix foundation screws with the aid of portable machines avoids modifying the soil in aquatic environments.
It offers an alternative to heavy and polluting concrete blocks.

System adjusted to all types of soil conditions

Weasyfix foundation screws adapt perfectly to the type of soil in question (hard soils, moderate soils and soft soils with precautions).
The wide range of our eco-friendly solutions is part of a circular economy system.
The use of Weasyfix foundation screws does not alter the permeability of the soil.
Weasyfix foundation piles can be easily unscrewed again, making it possible to move the structure.
The portable Weasyfix machines make it easy to anchor the deck’s metal structure in the water.

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