Footbridge in Waterloo on Weasyfix foundation screws

Look at this beautiful footbridge without concrete foundations, created with the aid of Weasyfix foundation screws.

Based in Waterloo in Belgium, the project highlights the ability of the concept to adapt to an untamed environment without the need for time-consuming earthworks that disturb the wildlife & flora.

Steps involved in this construction without concrete

We take you through the various main steps of the project involved in creating this footbridge without concrete foundations.

Primary structure

Positioning and levelling the load-bearing structure on Weasyfix foundation screws with the aid of the WOOD BASIC® (C2) connector.

The connectors are used to correct the height of the screws, align them and install some of them in a non-vertical position.

Positioning the hand rails

Fastening hand rails along the footbridge without concrete foundations.

Results of the creation on Weasyfix foundation screws

All that remains is to admire the view!
Thanks to solutions developed by Weasyfix, the footbridge was installed in a fast and aesthetic way!

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