“Promenade de la Paix” boardwalk on Weasyfix foundation screws

Construction of a boardwalk without concrete foundations on Weasyfix ground screws at Ouistreham Riva-Bella beach in France.

This project is of particular interest because it:

  • demonstrates the capacity of the foundation screws to adapt to the existing soil
  • has quite a story behind it: “Renovating the ‘Promenade de la Paix’ boardwalk”

Thanks to its quick, easy and efficient installation, the boardwalk, which covers an area of 640 sqm., was built in record time! The central section, built on Weasyfix foundation screws, covers a total length of 80 m.

Harsh environment

Installation on soft ground

Sand is not an easy environment on which to build without concrete foundations.

Weasyfix foundation screws have been designed to meet such specific demands.
When building on soil with a low load-bearing capacity, we recommend using sand screws (A7).
With a screw thread of 18 cm, this Weasyfix sand foundation screw guarantees optimum anchorage by increasing its hold in the soil.

Installing the boardwalk

The central section, built on Weasyfix foundation screws, covers a total surface area of 640 sqm.

Thanks to the quick and easy installation, the foundations for this boardwalk were installed swiftly.
In just 3 days, a team of 2 managed to install 400 Weasyfix foundation screws.

Tools suitable for the working environment

The Weasylectric (F9) was used to drive the Weasyfix foundation piles electrically into the ground.
This impact driver is suitable for sandy, earthy and stony (< 50%) soils.
Ideal for a rapid and professional installation.

Weasyfix ground screws for soils with a low load-bearing capacity

The 1,120 mm sand screw (A7) has an 18 cm-wide screw thread which increases the Weasyfix foundation screw’s load-bearing capacity in soft ground.
The helical screw guarantees long-term stability thanks to its special shape.


We suggested a combined metal and wood structure for this project (Solution 12).
The galvanized steel joists guarantee the durability of the layer closest to the ground.
The wooden battens of the second layer give the construction, built without concrete, additional flexibility.

What’s the added advantage of Solution 12?
The metal components mean that the structure withstands deteriorating factors such as moisture, while the wooden elements add an aesthetic touch.

Results of the creation on Weasyfix foundation screws

View of the finished project.
Thanks to Weasyfix ground screws, the boardwalk was installed in a fast and aesthetic way!


Renovating the “Promenade de la Paix” boardwalk

In 2016, the town of Ouistreham Riva-Bella in France decided to replace its old concrete promenade with a wooden boardwalk.
A powerful symbol, the “Promenade de la Paix” was built in the wake of the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy.

Replacing the old concrete promenade

The town of Ouistreham Riva-Bella decided to extend its old concrete promenade with a boardwalk to facilitate access to the beach.
A popular seaside resort for holidaymakers, Sword Beach attracts more and more visitors every year.

Installing the construction without concrete foundations

The bid was won by Weasyfix which was selected due to the quality of its products.
The central section, built on Weasyfix foundation screws, covers a total length of 80 m.

A fund-raising appeal to finance the project

To give a strong international flavour to this memorial project, Ouistreham local authorities invited foreign nations to make donations.
Almost €123,000 of donations were received!

A boardwalk to spread the message of Peace and Unity

The “Promenade de la Paix” has become the iconic site of the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings and the Battle of Normandy, where 25 heads of state and government as well as 900 war veterans gathered on 6 June 2014.

An unusual event

The Normandy Beach Race

Also see Weasyfix at the Normandy Beach Race!

A spectacular, original event which brought back to life the atmosphere of

1940s and 50s car rallies.
Over three days, crowds of over 100,000 gathered along the boardwalk built on foundation screws to admire the procession of beautiful vehicles.


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