Garden fence on Weasyfix foundation screws

A new garden fence, saved from concrete thanks to Weasyfix solutions!

In the case of this garden fence, the customer wanted to replace his old fence and find a solution without concrete that would enable him to install a solid new fence.
The solution was found, and the fence installed in just a few hours on Weasyfix foundation screws!

Positioning the markers

Measuring the installation space between the Weasyfix foundation screws, depending on the length of the site and the fence.

Installing Weasyfix foundation screws

Installing Weasyfix foundation screws in just a few minutes with the aid of the WeasyHead.

Installing the fence

The fence was erected after installing the Weasyfix foundation screws in the ground.

Mounting the gate

In turn, the gate was mounted quickly and efficiently thanks to the Weasyfix foundation screws installed earlier.

Rock solid!

A connector has been installed on the Weasyfix foundation screws, allowing the feet of this garden fence to be installed securely without the use of concrete.

Results of the creation on Weasyfix foundation screws

This garden fence will do the job nicely – thanks to Weasyfix products!

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