Wooden fence on Weasyfix foundation screws

Installing a concrete-less wooden fence on Weasyfix foundation screws.

Weasyfix delivers new solutions with a system that is quick to assemble, ecological,
allows draining, clean and easy to disassemble.
This s
ystem is far less expensive than existing systems as it considerably reduces the duration of the construction period.No more need to hire containers, cranes, etc. No digging of soil or excavation of earth.
Quick and efficient constructions without concrete – that’s what Weasyfix foundation screws offer!

Economical solution

Weasyfix foundation screws are installed by one person with the aid of lightweight equipment.
The construction of the fence without concrete foundations was carried out without interruption and without having to call upon other trades.
Remarkable reductions can be observed in terms of travel time and the duration of the construction period!

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