Garden pergola on Weasyfix foundation screws

Creation of a garden pergola without concrete, thanks to Weasyfix foundation screws.

This lightweight and ventilated pergola, built without concrete, was easily attached to the Weasyfix foundation screws by means of a suitable connection method.

Construction of a garden pergola without concrete foundations.

Here are several steps involved in a creation using Weasyfix foundation screws.


750 mm and 1,000 mm foundation screws were used to compensate for the difference in level of 250 mm at the site.
Once the structure had been levelled on the Weasyfix foundation screws, the concrete-less structure was mounted on the connectors.

Positioning the spacers

The intersecting joists and spacers are what give the concrete-less structure its stability.

Zoom-in on Weasyfix foundation screws

Here, the joists are installed directly on the Weasyfix foundation screws, and fastened with the aid of selected brackets (D2 - D3).

The result

Thanks to solutions developed by Weasyfix, the garden pergola was installed quickly and in an aesthetic way.
Here, the posts are connected to the load-bearing structure of the terrace, which itself, is connected to the Weasyfix foundation piles.

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