Wooden terrace & and infinity pool on Weasyfix foundation screws

Creating a terrace with an infinity pool without concrete in Guadeloupe on Weasyfix foundation screws.

This project highlights the quality of finish and the technical capacities of the concept.
This terrace was built on steep land (differences in level of over three metres!).
Weasyfix foundation screws are completed by a wide range of connectors used for correcting screw installation errors in all three dimensions.
Levelling was carried out with
+/- 1 mm precision.

Building a wooden terrace with a swimming pool

Thanks to Weasyfix foundation screws, the wooden terrace with a swimming pool was installed quickly and in an aesthetic way!

Raised wooden terrace with swimming pool

Compensation of the differences in level is ensured by 2,000 mm metal tubes (E4).
These tubes are also fastened to the wall to guarantee the stability of the structure.

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