Container on reinforced bases on Weasyfix foundation screws

Installing a container without concrete foundations in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region, on Weasyfix foundation screws.

The construction without concrete is attached in a stable way thanks to Weasyfix foundation screws and connectors.
Weasyfix solutions facilitate the installation of heavy, prefabricated constructions.
Avoid time-consuming work and implement your projects in the blink of an eye!

Installing the pre-fabricated construction without concrete

Thanks to Weasyfix foundation screws, the project was implemented quickly and in an aesthetic way!

Close-up of connectors

Installing Weasyfix foundation screws and connectors to support the container structure.
For this creation, BASE 3 GALVA® (C25) and BASE 2 GALVA® (C24) connectors were used.
The reinforced connector system makes it possible to support greater loads.
The stability of the concrete-less construction is guaranteed!

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