Flooding at Moulin des Iscles on Weasyfix foundation screws

Construction of a wooden terrace built without concrete on Weasyfix foundation screws at Moulin des Iscles in France.

This creation is of particular interest because it:

  • Demonstrates the capacity of Weasyfix foundation screws to manage significant differences in level
  • Has quite a story behind it: Flooding

A dry stream fills and floods the camp site.
One of the only constructions without concrete foundations to remain intact was the Weasyfix terrace.

Harsh environment


The embankment was ± 5.00 m in height. We recommended the use of 1,500 mm Weasyfix foundation screws joined together by a horizontal beam to bring stability to the construction without concrete foundations.

Construction on a slope

The installation of foundation screws on an embankment with a height of ± 5.00 m is a good illustration of the adaptability of the concept delivered by portable electric machines.


The structure is reinforced with the aid of a transverse beam which ensures its stability.

In the photo on the right, you can see the connection between the Weasyfix foundation screw and the WOOD BASIC® (C2) connector.
The wooden posts are then installed on top.

Results of the creation on Weasyfix foundation screws

Thanks to Weasyfix foundation piles, the wooden terrace was installed in a fast and aesthetic way, without concrete!

Unusual history


In September 2019, one of our customers sold a wooden terrace built on Weasyfix foundations screws on the embankment of a dry stream.

To the left of the terrace was a camp site with light leisure residences that were not built on Weasyfix foundation screws.

The terrace built on Weasyfix foundation screws remained intact, but the rest of the camp site was destroyed.

Before the flood

We recommended using 1,500 mm Weasyfix foundation screws joined together by a horizontal beam.
The embankment was ± 5.00 m in height.
To the left of the terrace was a camp site with light leisure residences.

Consequences of the flood

In December 2019, following heavy rain that had fallen for several days, the level of the stream rose to 6.00 metres (i.e. over 1.00 m above the level of the terrace that we had built). The consequences can be seen below.

One camp site terrace built at a similar level was completely destroyed.

Consequences of the flood

This was a disaster for all of the light leisure homes, their terraces and other installations where the water rose 1.50 m above ground level.

Consequences of the flood

Another camp site terrace completely destroyed.

Weasyfix stays intact!

Nothing budged.
Thanks to Weasyfix foundation screws, the stability of the construction was guaranteed!

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