Geo-dome on Weasyfix foundation screws

Installing a geo-dome without concrete on Weasyfix foundation screws.

Thanks to the many solutions developed by Weasyfix, Weasyfix foundation screws are perfectly suited to the type of ground and terrain, and can be installed without concrete.
The system takes up little space and is ideal for sites that are difficult to access.

Sunny dome

Dome made with the aid of Weasyfix foundation piles.
Combined with suitable connectors, they support the structure on slightly sloping ground, and are installed without concrete.

Remote terrain

The use of portable electric machines greatly facilitates the installation of the structure in more remote or difficult-to-access areas.

A breathtaking view

Enjoy a unique experience in a 100% natural and stable environment with Weasyfix foundation screws.

Another geo-construction

Creation of a second dome carried out with the aid of Weasyfix foundation piles.

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