Snow dome on Weasyfix foundation screws

An exceptional creation on Weasyfix foundation screws which was built in Meribel (France) in 2018.

Weasyfix took part in a promotional project aimed at building a transparent dome, without concrete for the new Porsche out on the piste!

Unusual history

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Unusual construction of a transparent, concrete-less dome

Here are several steps involved in the creation using Weasyfix foundation screws.

Hole in the ground

It is essential to pre-drill a hole in the ground in order to guarantee good penetration of the Weasyfix foundation screw into the soil.

Machine installation

Once the Weasyfix foundation screw is in place, the machine helps ensure the vertical position of the creation without concrete.


The accuracy of the levelling is ensured by:

- A spirit level built into the top of the WeasyHead (F7)

- The Laser-Fix (F10) which enables uniform levelling

Final adjustments

Once the Weasyfix foundation piles have been installed, it is possible to make fine adjustments to the height, the laterality and even the inclination with the aid of the Wood Basic 3D (C3) component.

Structure delivered by helicopter

The rest of the structure was delivered directly by helicopter.

Results of the creation on Weasyfix foundation screws

A breathtaking result – especially if we tell you that the construction was completed in just one day!

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