Horse stall on Weasyfix foundation screws

Creation of a stall for horses without concrete foundations on 1,000 mm Weasyfix foundation screws, with galvanized steel U profiles and rehabilitated formwork panels.

Weasyfix solutions make it possible to create animal shelters without concrete foundations, with or without flooring.

Without flooring, the Weasyfix foundation screws and connectors are only installed under the load-bearing structural elements (walls, posts).

A new lightweight, construction without concrete foundations built in record time!

Construction of a horse stall on Weasyfix foundation screws

Here are some of the steps involved in erecting this lightweight, creation without concrete using Weasyfix foundation piles.

Arrangement of Weasyfix foundation screws

The Weasyfix foundation piles are installed in the exact positions of the load-bearing structural elements.

Installing load-bearing U profiles

Portable electric machines are at the heart of Weasyfix solutions.
They make it possible for one person to install a structure easily, quickly and in complete safety.

The load-bearing profiles are then connected to the Weasyfix foundation screws.

Due to their thickness (35 to 65 mm) and their metal binding, the formwork panels should be treated as self-supporting components.
This means that, in this case, no battens were required.

With a little more effort...

This new lightweight, construction without concrete is almost finished, all that remains is to install the roof.

The result with Weasyfix foundation screws

Thanks to the Weasyfix foundation piles, the horse stall was built quickly and with the sought-after aesthetics.

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