Polytunnel on Weasyfix foundation screws

Anchoring a polytunnel concept without concrete with Weasyfix hollow foundation screws.

Suitable for various agricultural greenhouse and polytunnel concepts, Weasyfix hollow foundation screws allow quick, easy and ecological anchoring, and are easy to move around.
No more concrete blocks required!

Building a greenhouse without concrete foundations

This polytunnel, covering more than 300 sqm. and anchored in Weasyfix hollow foundation screws, took less than a day to complete.

Interior view

Weasyfix hollow foundation screws easily support the metal structure of the polytunnel built without concrete foundations.

Weasyfix hollow foundation pile

The polytunnel’s load-bearing profiles are inserted into the Weasyfix hollow foundation screws.
They are then locked with the aid of 3 fastening bolts built into the screw.

Creations on foundation screws

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