Raised wooden fence on Weasyfix foundation screws

Creation of a concrete-less raised wooden terrace with the aid of Weasyfix foundation screws.

Weasyfix foundation screws are sufficiently resistant for supporting raised constructions.
They are available in various sizes to reach the depth at which the ground becomes load-bearing, and compensate for any differences in level above the ground.
Their hot-dip galvanized steel composition guarantees the durability and stability of the foundations.

Construction of a raised wooden terrace

Here are several steps involved in a creation using Weasyfix foundation screws.

Installing Weasyfix foundation screws

The screws and connectors are installed in a way which distributes the load evenly over the entire surface.

Zoom in on the screws & connectors

The following products are used in the order of installation:

- Weasyfix foundation screw FS750-F® (A2)

- Connect 60® (C12)

- Galvanized steel tube (E3 - E4)

- Top 60® (C13)

- Wood PRO® (C1) connector

The construction rests on 750 mm foundation screws to which galvanized steel tubes are attached.
These tubes are connected to the screw via the CONNECT 60 (C12), and to the structure via the TOP 60 (C13).

Load-bearing structure

Installation of the load-bearing structure.

The structure is attached to the WOOD PRO® (C1) connectors.

Spacer structure

Installation of spacers on the load-bearing structure.

Parapet railings

Installation of railings.

Results of the creation on Weasyfix foundation screws

This raised wooden terrace was built very quickly thanks to the solutions developed by Weasyfix.

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