Carport on Weasyfix foundation screws

Installing a concrete-less carport on Weasyfix foundation screws.

Weasyfix offers solutions adapted to customer requests.
The products, including Weasyfix foundation screws, are consistent with each other in order to offer a harmonious overall system, both for terrace applications and for lightweight wooden frame constructions without concrete: carports, garden sheds, pool houses, etc.

The connectors which complement the Weasyfix foundation screws offer easy and precise correction settings for various installation errors: level correction, plumb correction, as well as alignment correction of Weasyfix foundation piles.

Easy and effective installation

For this creation on 90/90 mm posts, the WOOD 90® (C5) connectors support the wooden posts, and offer several centimetres of alignment correction between the Weasyfix foundation screws.
VERTIKIT is the indispensable complement to the WOOD 90/120/140 connectors, and ensures the perfect verticality of the post in a few minutes.

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